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For a letting agent keeping up to date with constantly changing legislation and ensuring that every property you look after is compliant can take a substantial amount of time out of your working day when you could be concentrating on getting new business.

We now are able to offer you a service whereby we work alongside and support your existing business, helping you to manage the extensive legislative aspects that the lettings industry endures and making sure that all of your properties are legal and compliant. Apart from the obvious advantages and security this will give to your landlords and your business we can structure our terms to give you a long term and lucrative revenue source. All of your landlords are required to have the same certification and tests undertaken but many are using several different companies with little coordination and this is when mistakes can happen, we ensure this does not happen.

Please contact us to discuss the different packages that we can offer you and we shall explain how you will earn additional renumeration from your existing managed lettings portfolio and your introduction only landlords.

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